About Us!

So, you’ve decided that you want to learn English. The question is where do you begin? Learning a new language can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have any specific learning goals in mind.

City Language Centre is a unique English language school located in Melbourne and Adelaide CBD, Australia. We inspire courage and celebrate individuality by providing an authentic Australian learning experience in a warm, caring and creative environment. This is one of the main points of difference that you will experience at City Language Centre. Our staff and teachers can be trusted to always do their very best for you.

Our Mission

We inspire courage and celebrate individuality by providing an authentic Australian learning experience in a warm, caring and creative environment .

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a unique and special language school that will become a safe and supportive environment for international students also where they will be prepared to achieve their goals. It is underpinned by respect, responsibility and caring as well as community connections.

Language Moves the World!

City Language Centre provides a wide range of practical English language courses, delivered by our fully qualified and professional teachers. We can help you achieve your English language learning goals, it might be for the job you currently have or would like to have, it might be for just getting around this wonderful city, meeting new friends and having lots of fun!

Job Club

These are weekly coaching/mentoring sessions helping students with the local job market process. Skills taught will focus on getting a local job ASAP.

Skills Include:

  • Resume writing
  • Job interview practice
  • Self-introductions when dropping off resumes
  • Telephone call practice for interviews


These Workshops are for extra skills students can learn for either fun or to add as a bonus skill on their resume.

Masterclass Topics:

  • Design a cool poster
  • Design an attractive event invitation
  • Design an awesome T-shirt
  • Pro Photoshop for social media enthusiasts

Personal Coaching

CLC provides individual/personalized English coaching and feedback to all students free of charge.

Every 5 weeks, teachers meet with students for “one-on-one” Personal English Coaching.
Teachers give individual feedback, discuss 5-week Achievement Report and set targets/goals.

If any student is not progressing, their teacher informs the Academic Manager for further support or intervention strategies (if required).

Community Care

CLC believes better education and language skills lead to a happy and successful life for each individual. Every graduating student is given a token and will be asked to choose one of the three inspiring Our communities programs.

Short Courses

In partnership with Australian City Design College, offering our students the opportunity to learn extra design skills. In these classes students can learn for fun or to add a bonus skill on their resume. The 6 Short Courses introduce students to video editing with Adobe Premiere. Students learn to manipulate the various photographic images with Adobe Photoshop, create and manipulate vector graphics with Adobe Premiere. In other sessions students learn fundamental concepts and techniques in the production of motion graphics and animation for digital video and interactive media with Adobe After Effects

Sport Activities

CLC believes that being part of a team helps build discipline, and playing soccer is an easy way to do so! Enjoy the sport, make it a positive memory of your international study. Focus on having fun, having a go, and being active, rather than winning or losing. It helps teach how to actively take and give instructions in a team environment, while also learning how to deal with and give constructive criticism.