General English​ Course

CRICOS Course Code: 104821J

General English Course Melbourne

Our General English course is for students of all levels. The course focuses on various academic skills to prepare students for their daily and professional English needs.

During the course, students are engaged in various exciting topics. They also get to practise speaking and giving presentations, listening and following lectures, reading academic and formal texts, writing essays and research reports, grammar, and a range of relevant and crucial vocabulary.

What about us?

City Language Centre provides a wide range of practical English language courses, delivered by our fully qualified and professional teachers. We can help you achieve your English language learning goals, It might be for the job you currently have or would like to have, or it might be for just getting around this wonderful city, meeting new friends and having a lot of fun!

General English Course

Course Start Date

Classes start every Monday (Morning, Afternoon or Evening).

Course Duration

Attend for 4-60 weeks (50 weeks study + 10 weeks holidays).

Study Mode

20 hours per week / face-to-face

Who is this course for?

The General English course is perfectly balanced with reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students learn daily English which is used in everyday life and build their confidence to use English in various situations. These include travelling, shopping, looking for a job, making friends etc. Lessons are engaging with role plays and students often go out on excursions with peers to practice what they have learnt.

What do I need to know?

Our course is focused on the practical and essential components of everyday English, and you will undertake various tasks related to these skills and their use in “real life” situations. Our General English course is split into five levels:

Students will have acquired the following skills and competencies upon completing their level.

Important Information

Please familiarise yourself with the following important information:

Assessment will vary every week and may include reading or writing or listening or speaking tests, oral presentations, role plays, writing summaries, writing dialogues etc.

A minimum of 80% attendance is required (for student visa holders).

All students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of their course.

Course timetables can vary from morning, afternoon or evening. Contact us to find out the current timetable for each course.​

** all courses and levels may not be available for morning, afternoon and evening sessions

Tuition fees can vary depend on the period of the course. Please contact us for a quote for your proposed course.

Course Fee: $350 per week
Enrolment Fee: $300 
Material Fee: $10 per week

*These fees are subject to change without notice.

General English Course FAQs

English has been considered one of the best global communication mediums. That is why an increasing number of international students are turning to Melbourne’s language schools to improve their fluency in English.

Many students enrol in General English Course classes to gain practical and language competency for real-life situations. Yet, even if this occurs frequently, you may still need clarification about the course.

So, here are some insightful responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about the General English Course in Melbourne:

A General English class is a language learning course intended to help students improve their overall English language skills, including macro skills. These classes suit non-native English speakers who want to improve their language skills for personal or professional reasons.

At City Language Centre, we focus on laying a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary before expanding on these skills to help students communicate more effectively in real-life situations.

We ensure that practical and essential learnings are followed per the student’s English competency. Students can participate in various activities, including conversation practice and role-playing. These activities allow students to practice and improve their language skills in a supportive and interactive real-life setting.

Academic English is used in educational settings, such as universities and research papers. It is a more formal language used to express complex ideas and arguments between specific audience types like academics and professionals. This explains why grammar and register are more intricate, precise, and technical.

In contrast, General English is used daily for communication with friends, family, and coworkers. Its learners frequently use simple, valuable vocabulary for everyday communication, such as talking with the cashier, buying, etc.

Regular practice is the key to improving your English skills. Make reading, writing, listening, and speaking English a habit. After that, you can get help from high-calibre English teachers by enrolling in language schools like City Language Centre.

We ensure that the teachings are fitting for your English level. Then, we provide structured lessons and curricula to improve your macro skills in real-world situations. Most importantly, we highlight “real-life” practice, so we require your full cooperation for various activity settings.

Individuals looking to improve their language skills, advance their careers, and immerse themselves in Australian culture may find a General English Course in Melbourne a worthwhile investment.

Enrolling in General English Course improves social integration above all. Individuals who learn English can feel more connected, make friends, and participate in social activities, which is especially important for international students.