English for Academic Purposes

CRICOS Course Code: 104823G

English For Academic Purposes Course

Our English for Academic Purposes course is for students from Intermediate to Advanced levels. The course focuses on a range of academic skills, with the goal of preparing students to successfully perform in a number of academic and professional contexts. During the course, you will be engaged in a variety of topics crucial to academia in English. You will practise speaking and giving presentations, listening and following lectures, reading academic and formal texts, writing essays and research reports, grammar and being supplied with a variety of commonly used and relevant vocabulary.

What about us?

City Language Centre provides a wide range of practical English language courses, delivered by our fully qualified and professional teachers. We can help you achieve your English language learning goals, It might be for the job you currently have or would like to have, or it might be for just getting around this wonderful city, meeting new friends and having a lot of fun!

Advanced English For Academic Purposes

Entry Requirements

Intermediate level of English or IELTS 4.5 or equivalent.

Course Start Date

Classes start every Monday (Morning, Afternoon or Evening).

Course Duration

Attend for 4-36 weeks (30 weeks study + 6 weeks holidays).

Study Mode

20 hours per week / face-to-face

Who is this course for?

Our EAP program focuses on helping students to develop the necessary skills for academic study in mainstream courses at colleges and universities in Australia.

Students studying this course can expect to be better equipped to succeed in challenging academic situations with confidence.

What do I need to know?

This course is focused on the academically crucial English skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening. You will undertake a wide variety of tasks related to these skills and their use in English academia. Upon completion of their level, students will have acquired the following skills and competencies.

Upon completion of their level, students will have acquired the following skills and competencies.

Important Information

Please familiarise yourself with the following important information:

Advanced English For Academic Purposes Course

Assessment will vary every week and may include reading or writing or listening or speaking tests, oral presentations, role plays, writing summaries, writing dialogues etc.

A minimum of 80% attendance is required (for student visa holders).

All students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of their course.

Course timetables can vary from morning, afternoon or evening. Contact us to find out the current timetable for each course.​

** all courses and levels may not be available for morning, afternoon and evening sessions

Tuition fees can vary depend on the period of the course. Please contact us for a quote for your proposed course.

Course Fee: $350 per week
Enrolment Fee: $300
Material Fee: $10 per week

*These fees are subject to change without notice.

English for Academic Purposes Course FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about the English for Academic Purposes Course that may be useful to you on your journey:

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is intended to assist students, particularly non-native English speakers, helping them improve their academic language skills and guiding them to succeed in an English-speaking university or college. The program focuses on macro skills development, emphasising literary texts and discourse.

We require Intermediate to Advanced English levels at City Language Centre. The latter—Advanced English for Academic Purposes—extends EAP by providing more advanced instruction and practice. The course typically covers Academic research methods, critical thinking and analysis, presentation skills, advanced syntax, etc.

If you want to pursue academic degrees or professional development in Anglosphere countries, EAP is for you. With a structured curriculum at City Language Centre, we can help you effectively communicate your ideas, engage with academic texts, and interact with high-calibre Australian professors and peers in a classroom setting.

The topics covered in an EAP program may include academic writing and research, critical reading, academic vocabulary, and presentation skills. The program may also include instruction on grammar, pronunciation, and cultural norms in educational settings.

At City Language Centre’s Advanced English for Academic Purposes, we ensure that our learners understand how to:

  • Create critical thinking strategies for academic settings;
  • Make detailed and pertinent talks and presentations on specific academic subjects;
  • Intelligible pronunciation skills;
  • Excellent research abilities; and
  • Structures academic texts ranging from simple to complex with ease.

It all boils down to your goals and aspirations. Strong academic language skills will be essential if you intend to further your education or work in an English-speaking environment. By this, the English for Academic Purposes Course can assist you in acquiring the necessary language skills and developing the skills required to thrive in an academic setting.

While both language programs are designed to help students improve their language skills in a specific context, they actually differ in certain things.

English for Specific Purposes focuses on teaching language skills for specific professional contexts (for example, English for Business and Medicine). In contrast, the English for Academic Purposes Course focuses on academic language skills for university or college settings. EAP focuses on academic vocabulary, critical reading, and writing skills, whilst ESP focuses on language skills relevant to specific professions.