Australian Lifestyle English

CRICOS Course Code: 107382C

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Australian Lifestyle English is our unique English course custom-designed to uncover Australia. This course has been carefully planned so that learners can enjoy inclusive and personalised experiences in and beyond the classroom.

During the course, you will be exposed to Authentic Australian life through videos, live streams, excursions and more. In addition to learning practical reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in supportive and engaging ways, you will also have the opportunity to practice in natural situations and even speak with other local, native speakers and direct the teacher through the streets

Our English learning course are guaranteed to be delivered via excellent teaching methods or approaches that ensure learners learn and love English like never before.

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Course Start Date

Classes start every Monday (Morning, Afternoon or Evening).

Study Mode

20 hours per week / face-to-face

Who is this course for?

Australian Lifestyle English course is perfectly balanced with reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students learn daily English which is used in everyday life and build their confidence to use English in various situations. These include travelling, shopping, looking for a job, making friends etc. Lessons are engaging with role plays and students often go out on excursions with peers to practice what they have learnt.

What do I need to know?

This course specialises in preparing you for a transition into Australian lifestyle. You will complete different tasks centred around how Australians open a bank account, arrange a medical assessment, shop for groceries, and more! Our Australian Lifestyle English course is split into 5 levels:

Upon completion of their level, students will have acquired the following skills and competencies.

Important Information

Please familiarise yourself with the following important information:

English Course Melbourne

Assessment will vary every week and may include reading or writing or listening or speaking tests, oral presentations, role plays, writing summaries, writing dialogues etc.

A minimum of 80% attendance is required (for student visa holders).

All students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of their course.

Course timetables can vary from morning, afternoon or evening. Contact us to find out the current timetable for each course.​

** all courses and levels may not be available for morning, afternoon and evening sessions

Tuition fees can vary depend on the period of the course. Please contact us for a quote for your proposed course.

Course Fee: $350 per week
Enrolment Fee: $300 
Material Fee: $10 per week

*These fees are subject to change without notice.