IELTS Preparation Course

CRICOS Course Code: 104822H

IELTS English Language Preparation Course Melbourne

IELTS is recognised by over 9,000 organisations worldwide, including universities, colleges and immigration authorities, as a measure of English language proficiency.

Our IELTS preparation course is for students in the Intermediate to Advanced levels. It focuses on academic skills, preparing students to sit the IELTS test successfully. During the course, you will be engaged in various exciting topics and practice speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing.

What about us?

City Language Centre provides a wide range of practical English language courses, delivered by our fully qualified and professional teachers. We can help you achieve your English language learning goals, It might be for the job you currently have or would like to have, or it might be for just getting around this wonderful city, meeting new friends and having a lot of fun!

Entry Requirements

Intermediate level of English or IELTS 4.5 or equivalent.

IELTS Preparation Course Start Date

Classes start every Monday (Morning, Afternoon or Evening).

IELTS Preparation Course Duration

Attend for 4-36 weeks (30 weeks study + 6 weeks holidays).

Study Mode

20 hours per week / face-to-face

Who is this course for?

Our IELTS preparation course is for students applying for higher education or professional registration in an English-speaking environment. It is also for students going to English-speaking countries for secondary education, work experience, or training programs. It is a requirement for migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

What do I need to know?

Our course covers all aspects of the test, so by the end of the period, you will be ready for the real thing. This course will help you gain access to universities or colleges and improve your employment prospects—in Australia or any other English-speaking country in the world.

Important Information

Please familiarise yourself with the following important information:

IELTS Preparation Course

Assessment will vary every week and may include reading or writing or listening or speaking tests, oral presentations, role plays, writing summaries, writing dialogues etc.

A minimum of 80% attendance is required (for student visa holders).

All students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of their course.

Course progress: A minimum of 50% or greater must be achieved in assessments to demonstrate satisfactory course progress (for student visa holders).

Course timetables can vary from morning, afternoon or evening. Contact us to find out the current timetable for each course.​

** all courses and levels may not be available for morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

Tuition fees can vary depend on the period of the course. Please contact us for a quote for your proposed course.

Course Fee: $350 per week
Enrolment Fee: $300
Material Fee: $10 per week

*These fees are subject to change without notice.

IELTS Preparation Course FAQs

You might have questions about IELTS Preparation Course; thus, here are the most frequently asked IELTS-related questions to help you progress and pass your test with City Language Centre.

The IELTS Preparation Course, as the term implies, is a training program designed to assist individuals in improving their English language skills and preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. The course covers all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as strategies for improving exam performance.

To prepare for the IELTS exam, familiarise yourself with the format and structure. Go to the official IELTS website to learn more about the exam, including sample test questions.

Enrolling in IELTS Preparation in Melbourne is also recommended to improve your English macro skills and get used to the course format. Aside from that, you can do it on your own by taking a practice test to assess your current level of English proficiency and identify areas for improvement.

Several IELTS preparation courses are available, including online, classroom-based, and private tutoring. Your unique needs and preferences will determine the best approach for you.

However, it should be noted that classroom-based courses offer a more structured and interactive learning environment. And remember to have fun while taking IELTS English Language Course in a face-to-face setting, such as at City Language Centre.

The IELTS exam’s difficulty level is determined by your current level of English proficiency, such as intermediate, upper-Intermediate, and advanced. The exam assesses your ability to communicate in English using the macro skills effectively.

Passing the exam is possible with adequate preparation and practice. Begin preparing early and use appropriate study materials and resources from a legitimate IELTS Preparation in Melbourne, such as City Language Centre, to increase your chances of success.

As with number three, it depends on what you consider the best learning medium. In other words, it all boils down to what you require.

Our IELTS Preparation classes at City Language Centre are face-to-face and run for 20 hours weekly. Because our target students are those seeking to apply for professional registration in an English-speaking country, we provide a comprehensive learning program led by highly qualified teachers to help students pass the IELTS.

An online course may not be necessary with this high English proficiency—Intermediate level. Yet again, it is entirely up to you whether you prefer an online IELTS Preparation Course.

The time required to prepare for the IELTS depends on your current level of English proficiency and your desired score. Experts recommend at least 6-8 weeks of consistent and dedicated study to prepare for the IELTS. However, you may need less time to prepare if you already have solid English skills. Whatever level you are at, developing and sticking to a study plan that works for you is critical.