New Normal: 8 Reliable Ways to Improve Your English Amid Pandemic

The recent pandemic has disrupted many activities, particularly in our school system. There has been a sudden shift from standard in-person learning to online or remote classrooms as stay-at-home protocols are put in place.

Learning institutions have adapted new learning methods due to the pandemic situation. These practices are especially helpful for English learners who want to improve their communication skills while staying at home. So, if you want to be more productive at home, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to improve your English skills with City Language Centre.

Here are eight proven-and-tested methods and tips on how to improve your English during a pandemic:

How to improve English

Tip #1: Read Old or New Books

A book is a good source of information. You can learn new words, idioms, and catchphrases, as well as proper usage of punctuations.

Additionally, books can also serve as a form of vacation for English learners who have been exposed to pandemic stress. Reading books, mainly fiction novels, can help you learn how to write different sentence structures while also enjoying the make-believe scenarios contained within the stories.

Some words from the book may be unfamiliar to you. Thus, keeping a dictionary nearby is advised to determine the correct meaning and pronunciation.

Tip #2: Practice Reading Aloud

Once you’ve identified your go-to English book, try reading it aloud to improve your pronunciation. This activity allows you to process words while also practising your speaking abilities mentally. It enables you to maintain a certain level of diction, which is helpful in the workplace and in school.

Just a reminder, there should be no need for perfection when reading aloud from your favourite English book. To put it another way, don’t constantly criticise yourself for mispronunciation. Your main goal is to practice reading aloud.

Tip #3: Listen to Podcasts and Audio Books and Watch Dramas

Many digital audio files, such as podcasts, are available for free on the internet. This audio platform allows you to listen to whatever you want. Listening to podcasts not only keeps you informed about current events while you’re alone but also helps you improve your listening skills.

Aside from that, active listening to English audio books and dramas can help you expand your vocabulary as you highlight new words and research their meanings after each listening session.

So, if you’ve been looking up ways on how to improve your English, explore the numerous free audiobooks waiting for you to download. Some of them, such as Audible, Google Audiobooks, and Scribd, require a subscription fee.

Tip #4: Talk to Your Loved Ones

If you are in lockdown with your loved ones, this is the best time to communicate with them. You can ask your siblings to help you practice conversational English. If you practice daily, you will gain confidence in your speaking abilities.

Because speaking is not an innate skill, it must be practised. In other words, the more you practice with your family, the better your pronunciation and vocabulary will get.

Tip #5: Watch English Films

Watching movies or TV shows is one of the most preferred activities under Covid-19 lockdown. Films can provide both entertainment and education to viewers.

It is advised to enjoy shows while reading some lines aloud in the manner the actors do.

It is also important to note that movies and TV series contain unfamiliar English words just as books do. Thus, you should keep a notebook to jot down all new words you hear to learn their definitions. After you’ve figured out what they mean, you can start using them in your sentences.

Tip #6: Play Educational Board Games

Board games can help you improve your English vocabulary and brain function. It allows you to improve certain cognitive skills (such as decision-making and problem-solving) while having fun playing with words in a stress-free environment.

These board games, such as crossword puzzles, scrabble, and so on, are best enjoyed with your family members. That means that you can improve your English skills while strengthening your relationship with your loved ones.

Tip #7: Write an English Journal

Surviving in a historical moment, such as Covid-19, is an excellent time to keep a simple journal. You can keep a daily journal detailing your experiences during the pandemic and everything that’s happening in the world. Or perhaps you can share your new learnings while under lockdown.

In any case, keeping a journal allows you to improve your writing skills while also serving as a therapeutic outlet to clear your mind during isolation.

Tip #8: Enrol in an English Online Class

More skills are improved if you are guided by a reliable English teacher. And City Language Centre offers online English classes, letting isolated learners enhance English with top-rated Australian English teachers.

When you study English with us, you will learn English faster because of our dependable teachers and comprehensive learning materials. And just because you’re not in Australia doesn’t mean you’ll be lost among us. With our Zoom classes, you will learn English as if you were in Australia at City Language Centre.

On top of it all, our teachers are adaptable to new teaching methods. You can share and discuss your favourite book, movie, or podcast in a professional and friendly manner.

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