Itziar finds great joy in cultivating her interests, particularly in the realm of musical theatre.

Currently enrolled in a course covering singing, acting, and dancing technique, she nurtures her creative side. This passion for musical theatre translates into her teaching approach, where she applies her artistic skills to enhance lessons.

Itziar holds a Spanish Teacher Training Certificate, DADIC (Diploma de Acreditación Docente Autónomo), obtained at the Instituto Cervantes in London. Moreover, Itziar holds a degree in English Studies and a Master of Education, and she has relevant experience teaching English as a foreign language.


Itziar has a strong affinity for multicultural environments, driven by her desire to expand her horizons from a young age. Her first experience living abroad was during an exchange program in Germany, where she fell in love with the diverse atmosphere. She also took the opportunity to learn German during her time there. Subsequently, she moved to London, a city she describes as extraordinary. Itziar’s international experiences enable her to relate to international students and provide them with valuable support.

Itziar’s combination of linguistic expertise, passion for musical theatre, and international experiences make her a dynamic and inspiring educator, helping creating an inclusive and enriching educational atmosphere at CLC.

"English, the key that unlocks the world, transcends nations, and grants us the enchanting ability to converse with anyone. It is a wondrous spell, the closest manifestation of magic itself"
This quote emphasises the power and beauty of the English language, encouraging students to embrace its potential and explore new horizons through communication.