Teaching From Experience

Meet Jimmy Nicholas an experienced teacher

Jimmy Nicholas is an experienced teacher who understands what it is like to study a language and how to teach to a variety of levels. Starting as an ALT, assistant language teacher, in 2016, he learnt how classrooms function while also studying Japanese for the first time.

That knowledge helped him achieve a CELTA pass B (top 25%) in 2018 after he moved back to Melbourne. He then proceeded to work at a number of schools including Oxford House College, Milestones and Universal English which helped him further hone his educational skills while experiencing the full range of learners and learning styles. When the pandemic hit in 2020, he shifted his focus to teaching private students online. Mainly helping business owners and professionals achieve their English goals. The opportunities and experiences Jimmy has faced since that first day of teaching have prepared him for many different educational situations.

Creative Integration

On top of teaching, Jimmy is passionate about music and brings that love to the classroom

Although he studied music performance on bass, Jimmy has since transitioned into making hip hop beats under the name ‘Lash Lash’. In 2019 he completed his honours year in beat-making at Melbourne University which involved a major research project combined with creative practice. His proficiency in music is brought into his teaching in many different ways including grammar chants to help students remember rules and songs to improve English listening. Jimmy combines creativity with education to engage students with whichever topic they are studying.

Fun Focused Feedback

Jimmy uses a communicative approach to teaching and aims to keep things fun

Focused and feedback based. Many students live busy lives by working and socialising as well as studying. Fun classes help students immerse themselves in the language and allow laughter while learning. That said, each class is diligently planned with a focus in mind. A central goal that is achievable by students and assessed throughout the class. A common in-class assessment is through the consistent feedback Jimmy provides. Students crave correction as it helps them realise, understand and fix their mistakes which helps them grow more competent and confident. Using the core aims of fun, focused and feedback based, Jimmy is able to deliver dynamic and enjoyable lessons.

"Better English understanding leads to better community connection."