The Post-Pandemic: 5 New Ways to Learn English in Melbourne

learn English in Melbourne

The pandemic has reshaped our lives. With the shift to virtual learning, classrooms have been replaced, and students have had to adapt to new studying methods. Unfortunately, this has exposed the inadequacies of our education systems, from acquiring the necessary technology to creating a suitable learning environment, particularly for those from less privileged backgrounds.

But even though it’s been tough, schools have found new ways to teach English that will be useful even after the pandemic. Schools have shown resilience and flexibility, developing innovative English learning methods for the post-pandemic era.

In Melbourne, for example, they have thought of new ways to help people learn English. The city underwent significant changes during and after the epidemic to adapt to the new circumstances.

Below are some innovative post-pandemic techniques on how to learn English in Melbourne.

learn English Melbourne

New Ways to Learn English in Melbourne

Schools and educational authorities continue to adjust their strategies in response to changing conditions and the pandemic’s continued impact. Even though we’ve progressed in overcoming it, we can still see its effects on our educational system.

Here are some examples of how educators have adapted to what has transpired and what is to come in the educational sector of learning English.

At City Language Centre, we understand the importance of face-to-face collaboration in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students. As we adjusted to the changes in education, we realised that students attending classes online for years needed a more familiar and enjoyable experience. We created interactive face-to-face instruction by incorporating different teaching methods and strategies to address this.

In this communal learning experience, students can engage in group discussions, participate in hands-on activities, and collaborate on projects. In other words, active student involvement and interaction with teachers and peers are crucial.

Our approach is designed to encourage community among students, where they can collaborate face-to-face and benefit from their classmates’ diverse perspectives and experiences. This creates a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.

Thanks to hybrid learning, learning English in Melbourne is now easier. This approach allows you to attend classes in person on specific days and learn online on others, allowing you to manage your schedule and other commitments better.

In addition, this approach offers the advantage of adaptability in dynamic situations like public health concerns. Unlike in the past, when traditional learning was impacted by the “new normal,” hybrid instruction ensures that knowledge can continue without interruption and minimises any disturbance to students’ education, no matter the circumstances.

Learning through playing is a surefire way to motivate young English learners. Gamification techniques, such as points, badges, levels, rewards, challenges, feedback, and collaborations, can increase student interest and motivation in language learning. Gamification has emerged as a new alternative to traditional teaching tools such as posters, charts, and blackboards. It is a more enjoyable way to learn, especially since it doesn’t require close contact with other learners, which is particularly beneficial in the wake of the pandemic. Several mobile languages learning apps, such as Duolingo, Babbel, and Memrise, are available. These apps offer features like quizzes and progress tracking to enhance the learning experience and make it more enjoyable and accessible.

The post-pandemic era has brought about changes in education, including the increased use of technology in every aspect of school activities. The English educational system in Melbourne has incorporated enhanced technology, such as video conferencing and assignment sending, to facilitate the learning process.

At City Language Centre, we have a technologically advanced campus for our English learners. This includes free super-fast WIFI and easily accessible student computers, enabling our students to access numerous online language resources conveniently.

Our multimedia learning materials allow students to practice, explore, and immerse themselves in English. This provides greater “freedom” for new approaches to the question, “How to learn English in Melbourne?”

Webinars provide an opportunity to explore cultural elements, introducing students to English-speaking countries’ customs, traditions, and nuances. Students can learn about different English-speaking cultures’ history, festivals, and practices by attending webinars.

This immersion in cultural experiences improves students’ understanding of the language in its context, making their language-learning journey more comprehensive and enriching.

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