Our kiwi Excursion Co-ordinator.

Luke started his Academic and professional journey studying for a Bachelor Degree in anthropology at the University of Auckland – New Zealand and he also has an Irish background. It has been 10 years already that he is living in kangaroo land. During his time in Australia, he started working in ELICOS sector.

Talking about education he learned Spanish during his bachelor degree and improved this second language by having contact with South American and Hispanic students during his class time. Besides working with the educational area, Luke has some experience working with graphic design.

Luke said that every student is different, some of them are more intense and some are less intense, we need to treat them individually and understand that their feelings need to be looked. after. But if he could give some advice to them, he would say “no pain, no gain”.

Luke has many passions in life, and one of them is to experience other cultures, that’s why he has travelled to so many places. He is also an enthusiast of outdoor activities such as surfing and hiking. Luke knows how to play guitar, especially if it is around the bonfire with some friends. He has a special gift for the visual arts, during his free time, he likes to draw and create new things.