Maryam Rodd holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Literature from England, as well as two Master’s degrees in Education and English Literature, obtained in Canada and Australia, respectively. Her diverse educational background reflects her passion for teaching and language arts.

During her spare time, Maryam enjoys indulging in music, watching true crime series, and immersing herself in the world of horror movies. These hobbies demonstrate her appreciation for different forms of entertainment and her ability to find joy in diverse experiences.

Promoting Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity: Maryam places great emphasis on cultural diversity and inclusivity within her courses and interactions with overseas students. She prioritises respect and encourages an accepting and inclusive environment for everyone. Maryam believes in allowing students to freely express their backgrounds, fostering open discussions that celebrate and appreciate diverse perspectives.

She emphasises for all the upcoming and currently students that language proficiency is not an overnight achievement but requires persistence, time, and patience. Maryam has witnessed numerous students achieve remarkable growth by staying focused on their goals. She believes that with determination and a dream, anything is possible. 

"There is a lot of fun waiting for you, to achieve that, never stop fighting."
Maryam Rodd