Meet Nancy, our experienced and dedicated teacher

Nancy, has a passion for language education and a diverse range of interests. Talking a bit about her background, she has an  Italian heritage, coupled with her fluency in both Italian and English, brings a unique cultural perspective to her teaching.

With over 35 years of expertise in the field of Beauty Therapy, Nancy has established herself as a highly skilled professional. In addition to her work in Beauty Therapy, Nancy has always nurtured a love for learning and personal growth. In 2017, she completed a degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Deakin University, where she also volunteered as a Nutrition educator, conducting healthy food cooking classes for children. Her dedication to education extends further as she aspires to pursue a Master of Dietetics in the future.

Driven by her desire to expand her skill set and explore new horizons, Nancy embraced the opportunity to venture into teaching. She successfully completed the Cambridge CELTA certification at RMIT English Worldwide, where she achieved an impressive high PASS B grade. Since then, Nancy has been teaching Elementary Level English at CLC, where she has had the pleasure of guiding a diverse cohort of adult international students.

Outside of teaching hours, Nancy also manages her own mobile Beauty and Massage business, showcasing her multitasking abilities and passion for entrepreneurship. When she’s not teaching or working on her beauty business, Nancy indulges in her hobbies of gardening, reading, cooking, singing, and even taking on various handyman tasks around the house. Nancy Perry is an inspiring educator, accomplished professional, and a dedicated individual who embraces new challenges with enthusiasm. Her multifaceted background and extensive experience contribute to creating a well-rounded and enriching learning environment for her students.