Why we are so different!

City Language Centre believes that we can encourage ideas, inspire curiosity and spark the desire for knowledge in students. With our passionate team, we seek to guide our students through their journey of learning. We always focus on getting students curious about discovering knowledge for themselves, and focusing on their interests, inherent skills and natural talents.

Campus Features and Facilities​

Our student lounge is the perfect place to relax and socialise with people from around the world. Students have access to kitchen facilities, microwave ovens, a coffee machine and computers. We also offer free wireless internet on every floor of the building to relax with your laptop.

Library of books suitable for all English levels

Free Superfast WiFi

A breakout zone with kitchen facilities

Free Tea & Coffee space

Student Computers Available

Employment advice, free weekly job seminar

Aussie Job Essentials

We want to ensure that our students will have all the skills they need to start working as quickly as possible. The Aussie Job Essentials helps students get ready to find both casual and professional work through coaching/mentoring, focused on providing all the essential tools – from CV and Cover Letter writing to Interview Practice and all the English vocabulary necessary for the type of work you want to apply to.

This program will be weekly coaching/mentoring sessions helping students with the local job market process.

Aussie Job Skills

We want to ensure that our students will have all the skills they need to start working as quickly as possible. The Aussie Job Skills helps students get ready to find both casual and professional work through a range of workshops, focused on giving you all the essential skills to develop the employability skills our students need to tap into the job market and grow networks.

Primarily it is delivered by professional staff in our campus, with some sessions delivered by invited industry guest speakers, our workshops are a valuable opportunity to gain key information to support students’ careers throughout their degree and into their first job in Australia.

These are weekly skills workshops focusing on common student jobs in Melbourne, such as Bartending, Waitstaff, Customer Service, Pizza making. Students will get a participation certificate that will be useful to find a job in these demand industries.

Masterclass Design Workshops

In partnership with Australian City Design College, we are offering extra design skills to our students. In these classes students can learn for pleasure or to add a bonus skill on their resume.

These MasterClass workshops introduce students to video editing with Adobe Premiere. Students learn to manipulate the various photographic images with Adobe Photoshop and create and manipulate vector graphic with Adobe Premiere. In other sessions students learn fundamental concepts and techniques in the production of motion graphics and animation for digital video and interactive media with Adobe After Effects.

Personal English Coaching

Care is one of our core values. City Language Centre provides individual/personalised English coaching and feedback to all students free of charge. This coaching program is all about helping and motivating learners to make their own decisions about their language learning journey. We shouldn’t restrict ourselves to simply teaching the language.

On this program, every 5 weeks, teachers will meet with students for “one-on-one” Personal English Coaching, to give them individual feedback, discuss 5-week Achievement Report, set targets/goals. Also, if any student is not progressing, their teacher informs the Academic Manager for further support or intervention strategies (if required).

The Pin Wheel Student Café & Reception

One of the most unique elements at City Language Centre is our simulated café area, reception student lounge all bundled together. It is inspired by Melbourne’s café culture where people meet with friends, talk about future plans and feel comfortable just hanging out. Students can make their own tea and coffee, ask reception anything they would like to know and also enjoy their own meals. This simulated café is also used by teachers to well prepare students who would like to work in Melbourne’s buzzing hospitably sector.

Campus Location

City Language Centre is located in the central business district in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. CLC is surrounded by excellent public transport; we are two blocks from the two main train stations, Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Central Station.​​