How to Choose the Best Intensive English Course

Choose the Best Intensive English Course

Given the vastness of the English language, it is unlikely that you haven’t heard about the language. From movies to borrowed phrases, English is everywhere. That is why it is no surprise that linguists and language experts recognise English as a universal language.

Despite its popularity, not everyone is fluent in the language. Some can understand English movie subtitles but fail to communicate with native speakers. Others want to express their thoughts but struggle with sentence construction.

As these situations are common, especially for non-native speakers, experts have found a way to mitigate English language concerns. And that is through an Intensive English Course.

How to Choose the Best Intensive English Course

What Is an Intensive English Course?

Enrolling in an Intensive English Course (IEC) demands dedication and commitment. You might take it for a short period (months), but it is often within regular days. Most schools require students to complete IEC in 1 to 2 hours over five days. Although this might seem like your typical English class, it’s not. On the one hand, learning English may not be the only priority in high school or college. On the other hand, the focus of the Intensive English Course is full language proficiency. In other words, there are no academic fields to consider other than improving language proficiency.

Why Should You Take One?

Do you want to be fluent in English? Then immerse your time in an Intensive English Course. With a focus on learning the language in a short time, you have the opportunity to advance effortlessly with repetitious but gradual mastery. Aside from this, you will also reap the following benefits:
  • Learn the language and culture simultaneously;
  • Engage language learning in a spiral approach (essential to complex level);
  • Assist you in finding employment quickly in English-speaking nations;
  • Prepare you for college-level intense English courses;
  • Give you more work options (e.g., ESL teacher); and
  • More vast communication with different people.

4 Factors to Consider in Choosing an Intensive English Course

Now that you understand the nature of IEC and its advantages, you might decide to enrol in one. But other thoughts occur to you: “what level is appropriate for me?” and “how to choose the best place to enrol in an Intensive English Course?” With so many reputable schools in Australia, choosing “what” and “where” can be daunting. Luckily, some factors can help you determine the best level and place for studying an Intensive English Course. And here are some of them:

Where can you envision yourself throughout your school days? Is it a school filled with lush greenery? Or perhaps it is a location with many easily accessible structures like coffee shops?

Then begin your search in the vicinity of any suitable English schools in Australia. The country is home to some of the top English-speaking universities for international students. Therefore, the only thing to be concerned about is a long list of reputable English schools to choose from. Do some local research, then!

Why do you want to learn English? Do you want to enhance your English for work possibilities or enrol in higher institutions? Whatever your motivation, it’s critical to relate your course to your long-term objectives. It makes no sense to study grammar rules when you wish to improve your vocabulary for professional communication.

To give you an idea, here are some samples of what your goals should look like in line with City Language Centre’s courses:

Are your goals aligned with your current language skill level? Your level and objectives determine the type of Intensive English Course level you can reasonably take. But don’t worry, most schools have placement exams to assess which group you belong to.

A good school is a foundation for good learning practices. Additionally, a top-notch institution has a curriculum, faculty, and student services of the highest calibre. So, how do you know you’ve signed up for one then? Verify that they have received accreditation and approval from official organisations.

Like City Language Centre, our school is registered under the Australian Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. You may also enquire about our learning methods to discover more about us.

Evaluate possible expenses, including your tuition, housing, food, transportation, etc. Before enrolling in an Intensive English Course, ensure you have a rough estimate of possible day-to-day expenses. Remember that big cities cost more than smaller towns, so it’s up to you where to go. 

Intensive English Courses for International Students!

City Language Centre designed a curriculum for international students regardless of their country. As Australia is home to the best institutions, we ensure to uphold this reputation in our school.

So, if you have questions about our courses, visit our website. You can also contact us on +613 8639 0184.

Intensive English Courses for International Students!