Short courses and english courses for international

Short courses and english courses international

It is a dream for all of us—to profoundly learn English and develop imaginative ideas. Where else can you better broaden your English skills and enrich your creativity than in Australia?

Advance your macro skills through short courses and English for international students, followed by a program that boosts your creativity. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! It certainly sounds similar to working smarter. And it’s definitely a great way to achieve your goals quickly.

Short courses and english courses for international

Enhance your creativity while learning English!

So, who can assist you on this journey? Look no further than Australia’s City Language Centre. With us, you can improve your English skills and boost your creativity in a short period. How do we combine both? While studying English with us, you will also have the opportunity to learn additional skills, such as editing and basic designs.

When you enrol with City Language Centre, we help kickstart your career by teaching you the right skills for field development.

We do this to help you reach your educational and career goals:

  • Empowered Partnership

    Given the demand for creativity in the business world, we work with Australian City Design College, a well-established design school in Adelaide and Melbourne. Our collaboration provides value for creativity and innovation.
  • Career Booster

    We believe you should combine English proficiency with creativity to overcome challenges in any business field. Most businesses require an employee who employs innovative tools to spawn customer desirability towards the brand.Thus, to give you an edge among potential applicants, enrol in short courses in Australia. When you complete the course, you will improve your English mastery and creativity skills. That would be a plus on your resume. You could say that our short courses prepare you for life in the real world.

We offer face-to-face sessions to all aspiring international students. So, if you want to be an expert in your field, our top-notch English teachers will assist you in achieving your educational, career, and life goals.

Here is an overview of City Language Centre’s short courses and English courses for international students:

Six Classes

Our students can choose from six short courses. First, we introduce them to video editing using Adobe Premiere (a timeline-based video editing software application).

Digital Education

Our teachers help you understand how to incorporate modern technology, particularly application, into advancing your creativity and learning.

The City Language Centre places a premium on efficient and enjoyable learning. That is why we use software applications to teach you the fundamental concepts and techniques of these various fields:

  • Editing Photographs

    Students learn to edit, retouch, add effects, and create mock-ups online using Adobe Photoshop. This allows them to develop a skill in improving the visual aspect of professional-looking web content.

  • Vector Graphics Handling

    Scaling is critical in any business. So, we included this in our short courses. By the end of our sessions, we ensure that students understand how to create and manipulate vector graphics in Adobe Premiere.

  • Interactive Media and Digital Video

    We teach students the proper strategy for producing motion graphics and animation using Adobe After Effects.

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Find the Best Short Course in City Language Centre for You!

You can level up your game when you combine English mastery with skill development! City Language Centre’s short courses and English courses for international students are an excellent way to gain an advantage in today’s competitive world.

Spend your money on a worthwhile school like City Language Centre. Call us on +61 3 8639 0184 or email us at to unlock a future rewarding career!

english courses for international students