Why Enrol in a General English Course While Studying Abroad?

Why Enrol in a General English Course While Studying Abroad

Do you have a goal in mind? Perhaps it is a career goal—a manager in a multinational corporation or a global entrepreneur. In either case, English communication is essential as it is a commonly used language for international education, business, and travel.

However, before achieving your career goals, you must gain confidence in communicating in various situations, such as travelling, shopping, conversing with classmates, etc. In other words, before reaching success, you must first develop your communication confidence. And this ability is typically acquired while studying.

That is why most countries require English classes. While this is beneficial, you may still experience “language shock” when hearing fluent and quick-talking natives in an Anglosphere. That is when enrolling in a General English Course while studying abroad can help you improve your fluency.

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What Is a General English Course?

General English Course is designed for students who want a solid foundation in the macro skills of the English language. This is for learners of all levels, from elementary to advanced, who want to improve their English communicational confidence in various scenarios.

This course prepares students to be communicatively competent in different discourse settings. Like in Melbourne, City Language Centre offers face-to-face General English Courses lasting 4-60 weeks, focusing on improving English through interactive activities that simulate real-life situations.

5 Reasons to Enrol in a General English Course While Studying Abroad

Now that you have a general understanding of the course let’s look at the benefits of enrolling in one while studying abroad. Here are a few examples:

The word “confidence” has most likely been mentioned several times above. Most of us are overwhelmed by cultural differences when visiting a foreign country. And when our language or appearance doesn’t fit the fold, we tend to shy away.

Learn and practice to avoid this. Now that new ways surround you, try to adapt by observing and improving your own. And one thing you can do is let your English skills catch up with the natives by enrolling in a General English Course.

Because the course allows you to gain English confidence through “real-life” situations such as making friends, shopping, and conversing—you not only improve your English but also immerse yourself in the culture of the country you visit.

Whatever your English level, studying abroad provides you with more opportunities to quickly enhance your English than learning locally. When you communicate with your surroundings, you are compelled to improve your English comprehension. You can’t stay isolated for months or years just because you’re overwhelmed by the culture and language.

Whether you like it or not, practical situations, such as paying a fare, require you to communicate with the locals. And if these scenarios frighten you, enrol in a General English Course to gain confidence in your macro skills while being efficiently guided by high-calibre English teachers.

You are the only one who can guarantee that you will reach your goal. And if you are studying abroad, you must cultivate a sense of independence.

Most successful innovators gain international experience before launching their ventures, which speaks volumes about the benefits of international education.

Studying abroad creates situations that force you to rely on yourself. And this includes the communicational language. Feeling isolated from other international students naturally motivates you to work harder and participate more actively.

That’s when the General English Course comes in. It helps you build a solid foundation of English independence as you immerse yourself in various insights and practical experiences. Studying this course abroad allows you to learn all macro skills simultaneously, from reading to speaking.

As the General English Course highlighted, you can learn English through role play and practical experience.

At City Language Centre, we give our students a variety of real-life tasks to help them improve their English macro skills. We allow our students to practice asking for directions to simulate a real-life situation of being lost in Melbourne.

And as you become more familiar with standard cultural practices, you can apply them in actual situations. Indeed, a worthy cultural immersion experience—unique to the foreign country you live in, from paying bills to purchasing items.

Nothing motivates you more than having a goal in mind. Enrolling in a General English Course can be beneficial if you want to improve your English. Remember that setting goals allow you to prioritise what you need to do in your life.

Reach Your Goals! Enrol in City Language Centre’s General English Course!

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