How to Choose an English School in Melbourne: A Guide for Beginners

English can be learned in many ways. However, because of the unpredictability of its rules, learning English becomes more difficult. That is why it is essential to seek guidance from language experts.

The majority of these language expert teachers can be found at the best international study destination—Melbourne. This liveable city is home to several prestigious universities, including medical research, engineering, and education. And the more well-known Melbourne becomes, the more difficult it is to find the best English school within the city.

As a result, you may become perplexed when deciding which school is the best fit for you. To avoid this, here is a beginner’s guide to finding the best English school in Melbourne.

How to Choose an English School in Melbourne: A Guide for Beginners

Why Should You Attend Melbourne’s English School?

According to Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a global higher education analyst, Melbourne has one of the highest percentages in the given indicators, including diversity, student desirability, safety, affordability, and employment opportunities.

As the findings presented, Melbourne ranks top among 115 cities worldwide that are considered dependable places for students in 2022. It is home to a number of English schools, which are widely spread across the city.

On top of that, Melbourne thrives on teaching methods and cultural stability and convenience.


How to Select the Best English School in Melbourne? 

Understanding why you spend your time studying English will save you money, time, and effort. In other words, carefully selecting an English school in Melbourne will provide you with a better learning experience.

To be enrolled in the English school, here are some guide questions to consider:


The English language is taught through various practical English language courses, such as the General English Course and the IELTS Preparation Course. These courses cover a wide range of vocabulary, grammar, and other basic English macro skills. This only means it is critical to understand which aspects of the language you want to learn to save time.

Like those provided by City Language Centre, a good English course addresses and develops a vast range of English knowledge and skills.

Find an English school in Melbourne that employs the best professional teachers who are qualified and have a positive attitude in the classroom. It is important to note that learning the English language is not as simple as it appears. Having a patient teacher who understands the complexities of the English language can undoubtedly help you succeed in becoming fluent.

At City Language Centre, we have professional and qualified teachers who will help you achieve your English learning goals. Our teachers are all Australians, so you’ll get a more authentic taste of Australian culture through our classes.

When selecting the best English school, the class size is a top consideration. The larger the class, the more difficult it is to pay attention to each student’s unique needs. On the other hand, according to recent research, smaller classes are more productive in academic performance, student engagement, long-term success, and student retention.

At City Language Centre, we have a small class size, and all students receive free one-on-one personal English coaching.

You may have overlooked location requirements in the past, but you’ll realise how important location is in the long run. Travelling to distant places has many drawbacks, including high travel costs, lost time, and wasted effort. In addition, some Melbourne locations may be challenging to reach.

That is why, at City Language Centre, we make every effort to establish our school in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Our location is in the central business district and is close to public transportation, ensuring that our school is accessible to all students after the Australian travel ban is lifted.

Find a program that meets your needs, whether you want to learn English for travel or a job. You can also choose a school that offers a diverse range of programs. You might want to start with a basic English program and work your way up to a more complex one.

At City Language Centre, we offer five courses tailored to each student’s specific needs. To give you an idea, here are the five programs we offer:

Australian Lifestyle English (this course is only offered at our school)

Aside from that, we provide OSHC, or Overseas Student Health Cover, which prioritises your health condition. We also offer accommodation arrangements and airport pickup services to ensure your comfort while staying with us. However, please make sure to book these services ahead of time when you register. In other words, these are only available upon request.

Students’ health, behaviour, and engagement are all directly affected by school facilities. And unfortunately, because of tight budgets and high material costs, most schools place less emphasis on good school facilities.

At City Language Centre, we ensure that our campus is filled with student-centred facilities where students can relax and socialise during times of frustration, such as the following:

  • A Book-Filled Library
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Tea and Coffee
  • Computers for Students
  • Free Job Advice and a Weekly Job Seminar

Firsthand experience should be one of your criteria for selecting the best English school in Melbourne. Website reviews can be helpful, but keep in mind that the school frequently moderates online testimonials, and that is why seeking opinions outside of website sources can be highly beneficial.

Get Outstanding Results with Melbourne’s Most Reliable English School!

Get Outstanding Results with Melbourne’s Most Reliable English School!

There is no better language school than City Language Centre. We offer a diverse range of English courses. Our high-calibre teachers are Australians, and they have received extensive training in the appropriate teaching methods for students, especially for international students.

We also guarantee that our classes adapt to different learning methods, ensuring that all students receive the best possible care. Most importantly, we keep our classes small to prioritise the needs of each of our students.

So, if you want to experience the best English School in Melbourne, please get in touch with us on +61 3 8639 0184 or

With us, you are never too old to be fluent in English!