Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Study English in Melbourne

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Study English in Melbourne

English is now widely used as an international medium of communication. In fact, it has been identified as an official language in approximately 67 countries, making it the primary business language on a global scale. Until now, it is the single most spoken international language.

As a result, more people seek to learn English to live, work, study, and travel in other countries.

However, selecting the best English school can be difficult with hundreds of cities offering English classes. That is why if you’re looking for the best city, here are the top seven reasons why you should study English in Melbourne:

There is no better place to learn English than in a country where English is the primary language. In addition to academic activities to improve your fluency, you can also constantly practise your skills with the friendly locals.

For example, you can practice listening to how their accent and sentence pattern work rather than relying on your learning method. Aside from that, if you have any questions about the language, you can ask them directly. Thus, you can improve your English macro skills even further.

That is why our high-calibre teachers at the City Language Centre in Melbourne are all Australians to provide you with an authentic English learning experience.

From General English to IELTS Preparation, Melbourne is known for raising students’ English levels to meet or exceed global standards. The city is a part of Australia’s highly regarded English learning program known as ELICOS, which stands for ‘English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students.’

To be part of this recognition, the city hires high-quality instructors who are well-versed in industry-leading technologies and teaching methods, allowing international students to improve their English learning fluency.

Hence, City Language Centre will benefit students from around the globe through our personalised learning methods. We are proud to be registered with CRICOS (Courses for Overseas Students) and the Australian Commonwealth Register, ensuring that our classes are never dull while also allowing students to learn quickly.

Melbourne is home to people from at least 200 different countries, making it one of the best cities to live in terms of cultural diversity. From Europe to Asia and everywhere in between, they all made significant contributions to the city’s evolving identity.

In other words, the city values diversity while respecting each individual’s unique identity and heritage.

In addition, the city has many international students who come to Melbourne to study English. So, if you get homesick, don’t worry because you can easily find a taste of home, such as someone who speaks your native language or a dish from your hometown, making it easier to live and learn English in Melbourne

The same with the famous proverb, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” simply studying can contribute to your frustrations and stress. That is why having some fun while managing your academic responsibilities will make your stay abroad worthwhile.

Here in Melbourne, there are always fun things to do even when you’re still a student. The city has a combination of unmatched teaching methods and exciting activities, making the city the best choice for international English learners.

To give you a glimpse, here are some of the city’s popular entertainment places:

  • Federation Square: Lots of cultural activities, especially with cafés
  • Southgate: Shopping and entertainment destination
  • Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium: Instagram-worthy pictures of marine life
  • Queen Victoria Market: One-shop-place for goods

Melbourne has been recognised as one of the most comfortable places to live. The city’s administration has demonstrated dependability in regulating harmony on some essential issues, ranging from public transportation to low crime rates. Thus, if you want to study English abroad, Melbourne should be at the top of your list.

And, if you’re looking for a good English school while living in Melbourne, keep in mind that City Language Centre can help you build a successful academic career in English. Our courses, programs, and services have been meticulously planned and researched to ensure that they will aid you in your learning.

We have, however, adapted to new online learning methods in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, we guarantee that you will have the most memorable English learning experience following the pandemic travel ban.

The city takes pride in having clean air and water compared to other major cities worldwide. This is due to high land management and food safety standards, which teach people to be cautious when dealing with nature.

Furthermore, the city has an average seasonal temperature from summer to spring. It is not difficult to have clean air, water, and unique animals regardless of the weather. The presence of these essentials will not disrupt your study habits. As a result, if you want to study English in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place.

Melbourne is ranked among the top ten Best Student Cities in the world. For many years, the city has been a popular destination for international students. Thus, it’s no surprise that it consistently receives the highest rating in student reviews, particularly students from abroad.


You now know that studying English in Melbourne is not only tempting but the best option.

The next step is to enrol in a reliable English school, such as City Language Centre. Students’ needs are our top priority here, which is why we only hire trusted and excellent staff and teachers to assist you in your English journey experience.

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With the recent pandemic, City Language Centre offers online learning methods via Zoom and other educational-related applications. Whether you prefer to continue learning with us personally or virtually, your choice is matched with our school methods’ highest level of expertise.

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