9 Great Qualities of a Reputable English Tutor in Melbourne

9 Great Qualities of a Reputable English Tutor in Melbourne
Melbourne is one of the world’s top destinations for international students. This is because the city’s educational system prioritises its curriculum, mainly English as a Second Language. However, as the number of English schools grows, the demand for English teachers also increases. When this happens, it can be challenging to find a reputable English tutor in Melbourne because it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fret not. We have prepared a checklist of the characteristics of a qualified English tutor in Melbourne to make it easier for you to find the best one for your needs. Related Post: How to improve english

A Checklist for Finding the Best English Tutor

There are various criteria that should be met to be considered a qualified English tutor. But for City Language Centre tutors, the following attributes are required to meet and exceed the English global standards:

Many tutors believe that because English has thousands of grammar rules to follow, a traditional teacher-centred method, such as a grammar-based teaching system, will allow ESL students to learn the language quickly.

Contrary to this conventional belief, students learn fast with an innovative teaching method that will not bore them. They also prefer a teaching method that increases their desire to learn the language in a fun and professional manner.

City Language Centre guarantees that our teachers have the adaptive attitude to track what is best for the learner. Whether the latter learns better through fun activities or simple verbal instructions, we ensure that our online teaching is tailored to our students’ needs.

Not all students speak English fluently enough to comprehend the overall learning process. Some of them need time to transition from English micro-skills to macro skills mentally.

A qualified English tutor knows how to empathise with struggling students and patiently assist them in gradually achieving fluency.


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City Language Centre ensures that students receive individualised attention through our one-on-one classes. Teachers can focus their attention on students and align their learning method with their progress because of the small class size.

English tutors in Melbourne should be well-versed in the complexities of the English language. While learning English requires a lot of rote learning, a tutor should be able to teach in an interactive learning style, so students understand the concept being introduced.

During the teaching process, they must also maintain good English macro skills. This way, students can trust them as a high-calibre English tutor.

To put it simply, they are confident in conversing with students of varying English competency levels without grammatical errors and with an understandable accent.

English tutors with years of teaching experience have carefully understood the complexities of the English language and are familiar with different teaching methods. When assigned in a classroom, they are already versatile enough to use the most appropriate teaching method.

At City Language Centre, we only hire Australian teachers who are experts in their field, especially those who have experience improving English fluency within the Australian way of life.

Passionate English tutors can naturally demonstrate their enthusiasm in the language. Even if they are teaching the most challenging topic, they can make the discussion seem fun, enjoyable, and exciting.

A teacher’s enthusiasm can result in positive teaching evaluations, good attitudes toward teachers, improved student performance, and better classroom behaviour.

The best English tutors are committed to their professional development, encouraging co-tutors to attend workshops and training days. That is because learning never stops.

In addition, students can share new knowledge with teachers that humbly accepts new information. That is to say, reliable tutors enjoy working as part of a team, supporting and exchanging ideas.

Our one-on-one personal coaching, which takes place every five weeks, is a City Language Centre mentorship component. Aside from that, we allow students to experience real-life scenarios, such as in Job Club, Workshop, Community Care, etc. So, if you need help improving your English macro skills with a high-quality English tutor in Melbourne, know that City Language Centre is your number one choice.

How Do Reliable Tutors Involve Students in the Lesson?

Here are some of the methods used to maintain engagement:

  • Lessons should take a learner-centred approach, with activities to keep students engaged.
  • To understand the relevance of class activities in the real world, tutors enlist real-life scenarios.
  • Various materials and activities are used to pique the learner’s interest. To put it another way, English tutors personalise the lessons.
  • Tutors make sure students understand their needs and goals and how to achieve them.
  • An English tutor assists students on how to become independent learners by giving activities they can do on their own.
  • A qualified English tutor listens to a student’s needs.

Why Should You Hire English Tutors in Melbourne?

A tutor plays a critical role in learning English. They do not just strictly adhere to a traditional curriculum but modify the school’s learning pedagogy to suit the learner’s ability.

English tutors not only provide students with academic excellence, but they also offer students time to explore their lives outside of school. That is, you have the right to schedule a class that is tailored to your preferred learning time.

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City Language Centre is a trustworthy English school in Melbourne’s CBD, Australia. We are a part of an evolving educational system that meets the globalised English teaching standards.

What distinguishes us from the rest is what we teach and how we teach our English students. For instance, our Australian Lifestyle English Online Course provides a better understanding of the English language and the Australian way of life.

We live up to our mission of “inspiring courage and celebrating individuality by providing an authentic Australian learning experience in a warm, caring, and creative environment” every day. Call us on +61 3 8639 0184 or send an email to info@cityenglish.edu.au.

Are You Looking for a Reputable English School? Call Us Now!